It's all about the Taste! Six Naturally Tasty and wholesome flavors!
Superior Quality ~ VeggieSpread™ Food Service products feature a variety of fabulous flavors created from the highest quality ingredients that are all natural and gluten free. We add no artificial preservatives or flavors. There is no sugar, no trans-fat, no MSG, no GMOs, and we use only the finest non-hydrogenated safflower and olive oils. The dips are naturally low-carbohydrate and contain many healthful foods and herbs.
Cilantro & Lime ~ This distinctive “south-of-the-border” blast of flavor performs better than simple spicy condiments on sandwiches. The spicy bite of cilantro combined with the sharp snap of lime means your your tuna fish or chicken salad sandwich will never be the same!
Caesar Style ~ Caesar didn’t know what he was missing! This sppread satisfies the refined tastes of emperors, delivering the ancient secret of this successful combination of ingredients. Powerful by any standard, indulge yourself by spreading this over fresh, meats, cold cuts, chilled salmon, crab or shrimp. Kids will be the first to tell you – this sandwich spread rules!
Roasted Garlic and Herbs ~ That robust food of the gods, garlic, is enticed into a smooth and rich blend with a cornucopia of herbs. This spread will be your instant solution. Also makes potato salad simply supreme! Toss it with any kind of pasta, dollop on your avocado and asparagus salad, or lather it on your grilled chicken, ham and roast beef sandwiches.
Roasted Red Pepper ~ This spread adds a mild yet down-to-earth fullness that only well roasted red peppers can yield. This spread will infuse any food with a tantalizing wealth of flavor. It is marvelous for perking up a ham and cheese sandwich or breaded fish. And it turns macaroni or potato salad into a new and exciting sensation.
Tarragon Shallot ~ The earthy aroma of tarragon and that shallot zing adds complexity and a bit of sophistication to any recipe. It really dresses up roast beef, ham and vegetarian sandwiches.
Basil & Pesto ~ There’s nothing like the flood of flavor that the burst of basil and the power of pesto can deliver! This is the ideal spread for spicy salami or all-veggie sandwiches. Just spoon it over sliced tomatoes or toss with any pasta!
Chipotle & Lime ~ Whew! Some like it hot! The aroma explosion hits you before the taste buds get zinged. It starts with a slow-burn of chipotle and lime, and moves to a deep smoky flavor in the finish. Add to your enchiladas, or grilled beef, or tuna sandwiches and experience the perfect combo of cool lime and hot pepper.
Sun Dried Tomato ~ Farm fresh and sun-drenched, there’s nothing quite like the versatile tomato. A veritable foundation of cuisine, you can deliver the savory sun dried tomato richness instantly with this spread. Excellent with turkey or pastrami sandwiches. Try it on a BLT for a whole new sandwich experience!
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