VeggieDip™ Nutritional Information

Nature’s Peak products feature only the highest quality, all natural ingredients. We add no artificial preservatives or flavors. In the VeggieDip product line, there is no sugar, no Trans-Fat, no MSG, and no GMO (genetically modified organisms). We use only the finest non-hydrogenated oils. The sauces are low-cholesterol, low-carbohydrate, and contain many healthful foods and herbs.

Expeller Pressed Safflower Oil is the primary oil used in VeggieDip condiments.

We use other oils in lesser quantities, such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is mostly mono-unsaturated fat, which lowers “bad” LDL cholesterol. Olive oil is widely known to deliver anti-oxidant compounds that help reduce risk of cancer. It provides essential oils to assist the digestive system and aid joint health. Soybean Oil is used in smaller quantities. Though it is higher in polyunsaturated fats, it works to arrive at just the right consistency.

Garlic, found in several of the dips, remains one of the most powerful and diversely used of all herbs. Garlic contains many allyl sulphur compounds, which give it marvelous healing properties. Along with vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, garlic also contains essential oils, germanium, magnesium, manganese, iron, phosphorus, potassium, and selenium. This nutritious bulb is known to detoxify the body and boost the immune system. It is well proven to lower blood pressure and improve circulation. It aids in the treatment of virtually any disease or infection, especially yeast infections. The delivery of sulphur into the system is also believed to have anti-cancer properties.

Parsley is present in almost all of the dips. This herb delivers a bigger dose of vitamin C than oranges, by the pound. It contains essential oils, calcium, iodine, iron, potassium and vitamin A amidst other nutrients. It’s essence is known to prevent the multiplication of tumor cells, stimulate normal activity in the digestive tract, help all organs function better and help lower blood pressure.

Mustard in various forms and flavors is a key ingredient in VeggieDip. Condiments are made from its seeds, the substances in which improve digestion and aid in the metabolism of fat.

Sage stimulates the central nervous system and digestive tract, and has positive estrogenic effects. It is quite beneficial for problems with mouth and throat, such as tonsillitis. Among the helpful compounds found in the leaves are camphor, estrogenic substances, flavonoids, resin, salvene, saponins, tannins, tarpene, thujone and
volatile oils.

Thyme has such a strong, spicy aroma that the Greeks used it as incense. Made into a hot infusion, it is known to reduce fever, relieve colds, and colic. It sooths throat and bronchial irritation, asthma and soreness in the lungs. It is specific for whooping cough. Also as an infusion, thyme is useful to treat nightmares, melancholy and insomnia.

Vegetables like tomatoes, red peppers, jalapeños, onions and shallots are bursting with vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C. Despite being sun-dried, sliced, diced, and pureed into our sauces, the essential nutritive value of these vegetables remains. We believe, however, that the addition of VeggieDip makes people want to
eat so many fresh, raw vegetables that it promotes a healthy increase in the consumption of the requisite veggies!

Eggs got a bad reputation for a while regarding cholesterol. Later, most nutritionists decided there was no significant risk of cholesterol increase from a reasonable consumption of eggs. In fact, eggs deliver a solid portion of protein in a manner more digestible than meats or nuts for some people.

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