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Successful Merchandising Tips for VeggieDip
The VeggieDip product line lends itself to co-marketing with other products and grocery departments exceptionally well. The sauces work for Dipping, Spreading and Topping.

VeggieDip promos conducted by Nature’s Peak staff will use some of these tips. However, grocers who find themselves with an over-abundance in certain types of produce can set up a promo of their own and increase produce sales!

  • Set up a table in the produce department and feature seasonal produce and focus on current seasonal vegetables, along with artichokes.
  • Set up a table in the deli department and feature sliced meats and sandwich breads, using VeggieDip as the spreads; feature potato and macaroni salads made with VeggieDip instead of mayonnaise; feature cooked artichokes and chilled vegetables like asparagus or green beans using VeggieDip as a sauce.
  • Set up in the bread and crackers aisle and make snacks and finger sandwiches using VeggieDip as a topping.

Wholesale Costs
Wholesale costs are $46.80 per case of 12 jars, terms Net 30
There is a 2% discount for payments received in less than 10 days (2% Net 10)
There is a 3% discount for COD or CIA payments (3% COD/CIA)

Suggested retail price is $5.99
Ordering and Taking Delivery
There are many convenient ways you can place orders for Nature’s Peak products.

  • Call us at 1-800-NAT-PEAK (1-800-628-7325)
  • Call your local representative or food distributor directly
  • Email us your request to and we’ll send a confirmation email.

You will receive FREE delivery if you order more than 24 cases, any combination of product.

Delivery will be made by ground freight, either COD or invoiced. Alternately, a Nature’s Peak representative may personally deliver the order.

Media Support
Nature’s Peak will advertise your store as a new retailer on our website. We will issue a press release to local newspapers business and food sections, to food and cooking magazines and to food trade journals. Your store will be mentioned in media interviews and selected advertising in the company’s marketing campaign.

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