A Company built on a passion for Tasty and Wholesome food!

Nature’s Peak was founded in order to share the tantalizing delights created in the kitchen by its leader and recipe designer, Paul Wilkinson. In his search for a fast, flavorful addition to make meals more exciting, Paul has devised unique recipes that have now become the product lines called VeggieDip and VeggieSpread.

You see, the inside story is all about vegetables. Paul and his family live in Central Coastal California, home to Artichoke Capital of the World – Castroville. People in this region are spoiled by the abundance of this unusual and delectable vegetable! Every other type of delicious produce is also plentiful there, making daily meals varied, healthy, and colorful.

Consequent to a thorough search of the marketplace, Paul found not one other product in the stores that met his criteria as an instant, shelf-ready, mouth-watering, explosion of flavor to add to his favorite food – artichokes.

Paul has an extra-fulltime professional life as an audio architect of elite sound systems. He’s often late arriving home, and like most families, his is often super busy and pressed for time, so they all wanted something quick and easy to enliven a hurry-up dinner. The ingredients, however, had to be superior quality and the recipes had to be healthy.

Weekend cooking forays went into devising dips and sauces that would last through the week and enrich each meal. Soon, Paul realized just one variety, or even just a few, would never do. Family and friends had so many taste preferences among his ongoing home experiments. Over a year’s time, Paul finally settled on six fabulous flavors of VeggieDip and eight flavors of VeggieSpread.

Perhaps it was the raves from kids for “more vegetables with VeggieDip” that got Paul thinking about sharing his recipes with the world. Maybe it was that certain magic day when he exclaimed his dips add the peak of perfection to nature’s bounty, and the company was immediately named.

After all the savory adjectives were exhausted by the dozens of people involved in tasting parties and recipe evaluations, it really was the consistently positive response of kids to vegetables that firmly set Paul’s goals for Nature’s Peak. VeggieDip, it seems, could help kids adopt a lifelong appetite for vegetables!

In the process, we’ve learned that VeggieDip makes hundreds of recipes more delicious, and its use goes far beyond vegetables. Wherever you once used “boring mayo”, you’ll find many of the flavors to be a superb substitute. (Then, you’ll never want “plain old mayo” again!)

In potato and macaroni salad, as a spread on sandwiches and hors d’oeuvres, and as a sauce for seafood and meat, VeggieDip turns out to be a scrumptious accessory. Paul’s dream to please every palate is more than fulfilled!

To all our customers, we hope VeggieDip and VeggieSpread will take you to the peak with our new taste sensation!

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